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Former world champion WOULD WRESTLE CM Punk in WWE

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Finn Balor is open to working with CM Punk.

There has been a lot of speculation on what would be CM Punk’s next move after his release from AEW. Many believe that Punk will not be quitting the industry and a WWE return may be on the cards.

While several top stars in WWE are said to be against the idea of the Straight Edge Star joining the promotion, it will ultimately be up to Vince McMahon to make a decision.

If there is one thing McMahon has proved over the years it’s that he is willing to put personal differences aside to do business, so it won’t be a big surprise if Punk does return to the promotion.

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Finn Balor would wrestle a broomstick if paid enough

Finn Balor was asked about working with CM Punk if he does return to the company in an interview with Ringer Wrestling Show. The former Universal Champion claimed that he would even work with a broomstick if they pay him enough:

“I’d be interested in wrestling a broomstick if someone is going to pay me money. Money talks,”

There is no word on if CM Punk’s termination from AEW includes a non-compete clause. If so, it may hinder Punk’s ability to return to WWE while his name is still trending in the wrestling circles.

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