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Former NXT star hails Triple H as ‘natural leader’ on the brand

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Triple H has been instrumental in recruiting some top talents of the pro-wrestling industry to NXT brand. He had been overseeing the operations on the brand prior to the takeover by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who recently revamped the brand to NXT 2.0

Karrion Kross shares working experience with Triple H

The former NXT Champion Karrion Kross had a great stint under the leadership of Hunter and he recently spoke about his experience of working with ‘The Game’. Karrion Kross(currently known as Killer Kross) was previously released by the company and during a recent interview with CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri, he lavished praise on HHH:

‘It was awesome. To me, he is a natural leader. He was not someone who ever had to raise his voice. He’s not someone who ever had to get angry for people to listen to him,’ Kross said. ‘He was a person where I would come into work and he would be completely focused with each and every person he was working with. I never saw him play favorites. He never told you wanted to hear, he always told you what you needed to hear. He inspired people to be better versions of themselves at work.

‘I could tell you for sure as much as people wanted to perform in this business for the fans, they also wanted to perform out of respect for Hunter and Shawn [Michaels] because of how much time they would put into them and helping them improve’¦ They always say, ’˜Never meet your heroes,’ right? I had a good feeling for it from the get-go. He’s definitely somebody for me, personally, that totally didn’t disappoint at all. He exceeded expectations of the person you think you want to meet from watching on TV growing up.’

Kross and former IMPACT Wrestling star will face off in Outlaw Championship Wrestling on March 3 in what will be their first match against each other.

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Bishal Roy