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Former WWE announcer ‘refuses to believe’ Vince McMahon retirement

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Vince McMahon had shocked the WWE fraternity to make the announcement of his retirement. He stepped down from the roles of WWE Chairman and CEO, with WWE embarking on a new era. Stephanie McMahon replaced him as CEO while Triple H was named the Head of Creative. There have been speculations that Vince could still be involved in the decisions. Veteran announcer Tony Chimel recently spoke about McMahon’s retirement from the company.

Tony Chimel refuses to believe Vince McMahon retirement

Tony Chimel recently opened up on the matter during the Two Men Power Trip of Wrestling podcast when he was asked about Vince’s retirement. He said that he did not believe that Vince was fully retired and questioned whether the former CEO discussed things related to WWE with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and others. Chimel said:

“I do not see Vince [McMahon] sitting on a beach in Florida and not doing anything. He can be retired, that’s fine. I refuse to believe that he’s not having any input in anything in that company and it’d be interesting to see if he’s still on the payroll or he got a severance package or what goes on with that when you become owner of the company. Is he not now owner? Does he not own any stock? Does he have nothing to do with the company? Does he not talk about business to Steph, to Shane, to Hunter [Triple H] or anybody… I don’t know about that. “

Tony Chimel went on to say that WWE was Vince McMahon’s “world”. He said that he doesn’t believe that McMahon has absolutely zero input in what goes on in the company:

“That’s his world. That’s his life. The business that he created, a great business. He created a great career for me for 38 years and I just don’t believe he can be retired or not have any input or not backstage or anything like that. There’s now way I’m believing that he doesn’t have any say or no comments about any of the stuff or is he getting paid by the company? I don’t know. 

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