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Former WWE star helped The Undertaker sign with WCW

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WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker is one of the greatest stars to have ever step foot inside the squared circle. Pro wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell has recently revealed details about the time he vouched for The Undertaker’s job in WCW.

Before signing WWE in 1990, the Deadman worked for WCW for a brief period. Known as “Mean Mark” Callous during his time with the company, the Undertaker replaced a legitimately injured Sid Vicious to join the Skyscrapers tag team on his debut. His final WCW match was on September 7, 1990, at a WorldWide taping, in which he defeated Dave Johnson.

Dave Mantell reveals how The Undertaker got his job in WCW

Speaking on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Dutch Mantell recalled how he got the Lord of Darkness his job in WCW:

“[The] Undertaker, he went to WCW first. He was taking the Sid’s place, who teamed up with [Dan] Spivey as The Skyscrapers. I think Sid got hurt and I remember [Jim] Cornette called me and he says, ‘do you have any guy that could fit this role?’ and Mark [Calaway] just happened to be sitting there. We were getting ready to leave for a trip and I said, ‘Exactly, I do.’ I said, ‘the guy is 6’10, 6’11, and a great athlete with a great attitude. I think he would fit in perfectly.’ And I put him on the phone with Jimmy [Cornette]. This was like a Thursday and he started there Monday.”

Dutch Mantell also recalled the conversation he had with the Undertaker before the latter signed for WCW. The former WWE manager stated that he advised the Deadman to join WCW and make a name for himself rather than reaching out to Vince McMahon:

“When he was in WCW, and I went there, he asked me if he should talk to WWF (now WWE). I said I would stay here for a little bit longer. Maybe I told him before he went to WCW. I told him to go to WCW first and let Vince see you and let him be the one who wants you. Instead of you making a call, let him call you, and that’s what ended up happening. He went there in The Undertaker gimmick because Vince [McMahon] had time to think about it. Actually molded The Undertaker in Vince’s vision of himself.”
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