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Goldberg Christmas Movie: When a WCW Champion starred in Santa’s Slay

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In the realm of holiday films, few are as uniquely intriguing as “Santa’s Slay,” a 2005 Christmas slasher black comedy that stands out for its unconventional take on the festive season. Directed by David Steiman, this film blends horror, humour, and a touch of the absurd, featuring former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg in the lead role.

Goldberg: The Unconventional Santa

“Santa’s Slay” presents a Santa Claus far removed from the jolly, benevolent figure of popular lore. This Santa, portrayed by Bill Goldberg, is a demonic character born from a virgin birth orchestrated by Satan.

The film’s narrative is built around a darkly comedic premise where Santa, after losing a bet with an angel, is forced to spread joy and gifts for a thousand years.

However, as the millennium concludes, Santa reverts to his malevolent ways. No, really, this is the actual plot.

A Plot Filled with Dark Humor and Horror

Set in Alberta, Canada, the film opens with a Christmas Eve scene where Santa Claus descends a chimney not to deliver presents, but to unleash terror on a wealthy, bickering family.

The ensuing scenes are a blend of horror and dark comedy, with Santa employing holiday-themed methods to dispatch his victims.

The story then shifts to teenager Nicholas Yuleson, who discovers the true nature of Santa Claus through “The Book of Klaus,” revealed by his eccentric grandfather.

As Santa embarks on a killing spree in Hell Township, Nicholas, along with his love interest Mary “Mac” Mackenzie, find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive Santa’s rampage.

Santas Slay Cast: Goldberg and more

Apart from Goldberg’s standout performance as the malevolent Santa, the film features Douglas Smith as Nicholas Yuleson and Emilie de Ravin as Mary “Mac” Mackenzie.

The cast also includes notable names like Robert Culp, Saul Rubinek, and Dave Thomas, each adding their unique flair to this offbeat holiday tale.

Reception and Legacy

Upon its release, “Santa’s Slay” received mixed reviews. Critics like Randall Colburn from The A.V. Club praised the film for its blend of vulgarity, satire, and lighthearted violence, while others criticized it for its corniness and amateurish execution.

Despite the mixed reception, the film has garnered a cult following, appreciated for its unique take on the Christmas genre and Goldberg’s performance.


  • What is the plot of “Santa’s Slay”?
    • The film revolves around a demonic Santa Claus, who after being bound by a bet for a thousand years, returns to his evil ways, spreading terror during the holiday season.
  • Who stars in “Santa’s Slay”?
    • Bill Goldberg, a former WCW Champion, stars as Santa Claus, with Douglas Smith and Emilie de Ravin playing key roles.
  • What genre does “Santa’s Slay” belong to?
    • It’s a Christmas slasher black comedy.
  • When was “Santa’s Slay” released?
    • The film was released on December 20, 2005.
  • How was the film received by critics?
    • It received mixed reviews, with some praising its unique blend of horror and humor, while others criticized its execution.
  • Does “Santa’s Slay” have a cult following?
    • Yes, over the years, it has garnered a cult following for its unconventional approach to the Christmas genre.
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