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When Goldberg DESTROYED his arm at Christmas in WCW

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In the world of professional wrestling, injuries are a common hazard. However, few incidents have been as dramatic and potentially career-ending as the one involving Bill Goldberg, a superstar in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

This article delves into the fateful night of December 23rd, 1999, when Goldberg nearly lost his arm in a freak accident, an event that not only threatened his career but also had significant implications for WCW.

Goldberg Injury: The Fateful Night

On that December evening, during an episode of WCW Thunder, Goldberg was involved in a storyline feud with the New World Order (nWo).

In a segment designed to heighten the drama of this rivalry, Goldberg found a limousine associated with the nWo outside the arena. In a scripted act of defiance, he was supposed to smash the limousine’s windows using a metal pipe.

However, caught up in the moment, Goldberg used his forearm instead of the pipe, resulting in a severe injury. The glass shattered, cutting an artery in his arm, and the blood spilt due to the incident was so severe that it was visible to viewers before the broadcast ended.

The Aftermath and Recovery

Goldberg’s injury was not just a superficial wound; it was a serious medical emergency. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors performed surgery to save his arm.

The injury was so severe that there was a real possibility of amputation. Fortunately, the surgery was successful, but Goldberg was sidelined for five months, a significant absence for both him and WCW.

Impact on WCW

Goldberg’s injury occurred at a critical time for WCW. The promotion was already struggling with various internal issues and losing ground in the ratings war with the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE).

Goldberg, a major draw and fan favourite, was absent during a period when WCW needed all its star power.

During his absence, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship changed hands multiple times, reflecting the instability within the promotion.

Goldberg: Reflections on the incident

Years later, Goldberg reflected on the incident during an appearance on Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull Sessions.” He admitted to making a poor judgment call that night, a decision that could have ended his career prematurely.

Despite this setback, Goldberg went on to have a successful career in wrestling, including a notable run in WWE.


  • What happened to Goldberg in WCW in 1999?
    • Goldberg severely injured his arm by smashing a limousine window with his forearm, cutting an artery.
  • How long was he out of action due to his injury?
    • He was sidelined for five months following the incident.
  • Did Goldberg’s injury affect WCW?
    • Yes, his absence was felt during a turbulent time for WCW, contributing to its instability.
  • What was Goldberg’s reflection on the incident?
    • He admitted to making a poor judgment call that night on Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull Sessions.”
  • Did Goldberg return to wrestling after the injury?
    • Yes, he successfully returned to wrestling and even had a notable run in WWE later in his career.
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