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Here’s how Vince McMahon buried Top star in the Attitude Era

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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon often punishes or prefers to ‘bury’ talents who leave the company on bad terms. Stone Cold Steve Austin had walked out of the company following a disagreement with Vince and Mr. McMahon decided to take a dig ‘The Texas Rattlesnake.’

It has been reported that Austin had refused to lose to Brock Lesnar on an episode of RAW. The six-time WWE Champion simply walked out refusing to do business. The company suspended him, and they tried to bury him on-air. Even though he returned later, he never regained his popularity because of the manner in which the company had presented him.

Vince McMahon pushed The Rock to ‘bury’ Steve Austin

The Great One had badmouthed Austin on air in one of the most famous promos when he said, Austin ‘took his ball and went home.’ As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Rock was explicitly told to insult Austin on air. The two men had been long-time rivals and are noted for the massive success of the Attitude Era.

However, with Austin suspended, The Brahma Bull had to be pushed as a main event star:

”Nobody was buried as badly as Austin, who was the biggest star the company had as far as winning the wrestling war a few years earlier, including Jim Ross, Austin’s best friend in the company at the time, and Dwayne Johnson both being told to bury him and doing so, including Johnson using the famed ‘took his ball and went home’ line on television,” said Meltzer.

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Bishal Roy