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How much was WWE sold for?

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In a landmark deal that has reshaped the landscape of sports entertainment, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been acquired by Endeavor, a leading agency giant.

This acquisition marks a significant shift in the industry, valuing WWE at an impressive US$9.3 billion.

Endeavor Buys WWE: The Deal’s Financial Implications

Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE is not just a mere change of ownership; it represents a strategic consolidation in the world of live sports and entertainment.

The deal sees Endeavor taking a 51% stake in a new publicly traded company, while WWE shareholders retain the remaining 49%. This move gives the wrestling promotion an enterprise value of US$9.3 billion, a testament to its global appeal and financial success.

Endeavor and WWE: A New Era

The new company, valued at over US$21 billion, combines the strengths of WWE and the Endeavor-owned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Together, these entities achieved a combined revenue of US$2.4 billion at the end of the 2022 fiscal year, demonstrating a robust annual revenue growth rate of 10% since 2019.

Ari Emanuel, the chief executive of Endeavor, will lead this new venture. Vince McMahon, the former WWE chief executive who stepped down last July, will serve as the executive chairman.

Mark Shapiro, from Endeavor, will take on the role of president and chief operating officer of the new company.

Strategic Growth and Synergies

The merger is expected to unlock significant growth opportunities across various revenue streams, including domestic and international media rights, ticket sales, event operations, sponsorship, licensing, and premium hospitality.

Endeavor anticipates annualized run rate cost synergies between US$50 million to US$100 million by leveraging its infrastructure and back-office capabilities.

Background of the Sale

The sale of the company has been a topic of discussion since the start of the year, with McMahon, the promotion’s controlling shareholder, orchestrating his return to oversee the sale and capitalize on upcoming media rights negotiations.

WWE Sold: Impact on the Industry

This acquisition ended WWE’s era as a family-owned business, which began when McMahon bought the company from his father in 1982.

Since then, WWE has grown into a commercial powerhouse, generating US$1.3 billion in revenue in 2022, with the majority coming from its media operations.

Endeavor’s Vision for WWE

Endeavor, which acquired UFC in 2016, has successfully grown the mixed martial arts promotion, contributing significantly to its owned sports properties segment.

The addition of WWE is expected to further strengthen Endeavor’s portfolio in the sports entertainment industry.


  • What was the sale price of the company?
    • WWE was valued at US$9.3 billion in the sale to Endeavor.
  • Who now owns the company?
    • Endeavor owns a 51% stake in the new company formed from the acquisition, with WWE shareholders holding the remaining 49%.
  • Who will lead the new company?
    • Ari Emanuel, Endeavor’s chief executive, will lead the new company, with Vince McMahon serving as executive chairman.
  • What does this sale mean for WWE’s future?
    • The sale is expected to bring significant growth opportunities for WWE, leveraging synergies with UFC and Endeavor’s resources.
  • How will this affect WWE’s media rights and operations?
    • The merger is anticipated to enhance the monetization of media rights, sponsorships, and event operations, among other areas.
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