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Hulk Hogan rips into modern wrestlers

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Hulk Hogan has an interesting outlook on modern wrestlers.

The Hulkster comes from a time when the larger-than-life image of wrestlers was the biggest selling point of the business. People bought a ticket just to get a chance to see individuals like Andre The Giant and Ultimate Warrior up close.

Things have changed since then, however. Wrestlers such as Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Bryan Danielson have helped change the perspective of people. They have opened the door for talents of different sizes to make a living in the business.

Hulk Hogan on modern wrestlers

Hulk Hogan talked about this change during his appearance on Full Send podcast (H/t Ringsidenews) He recalled how wrestlers used to be monster sized during his active years. According to him, nowadays a lot of wrestlers look like they should be bagging his groceries:

‘All the guys I wrestled looked like monster sized and nowadays, there are a lot of guys that look like wrestlers and a lot of guys that don’t. A lot of guys that look like wrestlers, and then you got guys that look like they should be bagging my groceries.”

Hogan did mention that the smaller guys are more athletic in nature and they can do a lot of crazy things. Though he didn’t seem to believe that it mattered much:

“So the difference is How athletic the guys are. Smaller guys can do all kinds of crazy stuff. They do so much impressive stuff in one match, I wouldn’t do that much in a year. But what does it mean? You know?’

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Martin MacDonald