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Hulk Hogan is talking about retirement match at WrestleMania 40

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Hulk Hogan is talking about a retirement match at WrestleMania 40.

The Hulkster has not competed in an actual match since 2012. His last official bout was a six-men tag team match. Hogan teamed up with James Storm & Sting to defeat Bobby Roode, Bully Ray & Kurt Angle at a TNA event back then.

Though despite not being active for over a decade, the former WWE star has remained one of the most recognized faces across the sports entertainment world. It’s no surprise that the 69-year-old is still being offered wrestling appearances.

Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 40?

The former face of WWE recently appeared on The MMA Hour. Hulk Hogan claimed that he was offered a role at WrestleMania 39 by Shane McMahon but he declined due to health issues:

‘Shane McMahon called me. He goes, ’˜You got one more in you, old man?’ I said, ’˜Take it easy with the old man stuff, brother.’ I said, ’˜What do you want to do?’ He goes, ’˜All you got to do is stand in the middle of the ring and I’ll come to you.’ I said, ’˜Well, right now my back needs a little more work but that’s something we can talk about next year.’”

Hogan reiterated his comments about wanting a retirement match but noted that he is currently not able to move the way he wants to. Though he is not giving up on his dreams and the former TNA star hinted at a potential match at WrestleMania 40:

‘January 23, 1984, I beat the [Iron] Sheik. That’s coming up [next] year, that’s the 40th Anniversary. I know Mattel’s got a full-court press on products and action figures and stuff. It’s the 40th Anniversary, anything’s possible, I just never dreamed I would even think about being 70 years old and getting in the type of shape in would take to walk the walk again but like I said, anything’s possible.’

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