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‘I Would Not Be Here’ WWE Star Explains Undertaker’s Influence On Him

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Damian Priest wouldn’t be wrestling today if it wasn’t for the Undertaker.

The legendary pro wrestler has inspired many generations of talents to pursue a career in pro wrestling. Priest is one of those people, who apparently got involved in the business after becoming a fan of the Dead Man.

Priest detailed Taker’s importance in him becoming a pro wrestler on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast (H/t WrestleZone). He explained that Undertaker was the name that originally got him invested in the business and later inspired him to pursue a career in the sports entertainment industry:

‘I would not be here talking to you if it wasn’t for him because he was the one ’” the first one ’” that made me feel heavy emotions and get invested into what I was watching. And that is basically what made me want to do this.”

Undertaker influenced Damian Priest so much that growing up, he wanted his character to be the same. This was very evident in his ROH gimmick, which Priest admits was inspired by the veteran:

‘Well first, if you saw a little bit [of that influence], then mission accomplished because that’s exactly what I was doing. I was giving everybody that side of me that was always in love with the character and I wanted to be.”

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Martin MacDonald