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Is WWE Fake?

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WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, has long been a topic of debate among fans and critics alike. The high-octane matches, dramatic storylines, and larger-than-life characters have left many wondering: is WWE real or just an act?

The question of WWE’s authenticity isn’t new. Over the years, many have questioned the realism of the fights, leading to both intrigue and controversy.

This debate reached a boiling point in 1984 when an altercation occurred between investigative journalist John Stossel and wrestler David “Dr D” Schultz over the legitimacy of the fights.

However, it was Vince McMahon, the driving force behind WWE, who later clarified the nature of these bouts. In 1989, he described WWE wrestling as “an activity in which participants struggle hand-to-hand to entertain spectators rather than conduct a bona fide athletic contest.”

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The Nature of WWE

Today, WWE identifies more with sports entertainment than with traditional professional wrestling.

While the fights involve choreographed moves, they are performed in front of live audiences, blending elements of stunt work, theatre, performance, and choreography.

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Is WWE Scripted?

While it might be taboo to label a wrestler as “fake”, the term “kayfabe” is often used in the wrestling world. This refers to the portrayal of events in the wrestling world as real, even when they are staged or scripted.

For instance, the Undertaker’s portrayal as a resurrected dead man is a classic example of kayfabe.

The outcomes of most matches are predetermined, accompanied by scripted storylines, characters, music, graphics, and more.

The WWE organisation employs writers to craft compelling storylines for each match. While the moves seen by fans are choreographed, they are integrated seamlessly into the overarching narrative.

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The Reality of Physicality

Despite the scripted nature of WWE, the physicality is very real.

Wrestlers, akin to stunt performers, engage in real fights. Without protective gear, they often sustain genuine injuries, including bleeding, bruises, and fractures.

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The Mystery of Match Outcomes

Every aspect of a match, from the storyline to the duration and even the winner, is typically scripted.

However, the exact methods of fighting and the finishing moves are usually left to the discretion of the wrestlers, adding an element of unpredictability to each bout.

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Real Punches and Props

While the punches thrown in WWE are real, wrestlers are trained to minimise harm to both themselves and their opponents.

As for the weapons used, such as chairs and ladders, some are genuine, while others are made of lighter materials to reduce potential harm.

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Injuries in WWE

While the physical nature of WWE matches can lead to real injuries, some injuries are scripted to enhance the storyline.

However, the toll on a wrestler’s body after a match can be significant, sometimes equating to the aftermath of a minor car accident.

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Instances of Real Fights

While most WWE matches are scripted, there have been instances of real fights breaking out in the ring.

Notable examples include a 1999 fight between the Acolytes and the Public Enemy and a 2001 bout between Perry Saturn and Mike Bell.

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  • Is WWE real or scripted?
    • While the storylines and outcomes are scripted, the physicality is real.
  • What is kayfabe in WWE?
    • Kayfabe refers to the portrayal of events in wrestling as real, even when they are staged or scripted.
  • Do wrestlers really punch in WWE?
    • Yes, the punches are real, but wrestlers are trained to minimise harm.
  • Are the weapons used real?
    • Some weapons, like chairs and ladders, are real, while others are made of lighter materials.
  • Has WWE ever claimed to be real?
    • WWE began as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1953 and was presented as real. It wasn’t until 1989 that Vince McMahon acknowledged its scripted nature.
  • Are there real fights in WWE?
    • While rare, there have been instances of real fights breaking out during scripted matches.
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