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JBL reveals one regret from his WWE stint

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WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield(JBL) had an illustrious career in WWE. He recently recalled his career including some of the regrets that he had along the way.

JBL opens up on his singles push

John Bradshaw Layfield reached the heights of success in WWE and he also captured the WWE Championship. The former WWE announcer also achieved tag team success with Ron Simmons as the Acolytes and later as A.P.A. During the early 2000s, he created the money-obsessed Texan that was JBL.

In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, the former WWE Champion spoke about how he wasn’t ready for a big run as a singles performer at the start of his WWE career:

‘I wasn’t ready when I came into the WWE for a big-time run. I thought I was, but I was overwhelmed by the system and, you know because you’re a champion in different places and you’ve been successful in places you’ve been you think you can go up to the big stage and you’re automatically going to be a champion and be successful.’

Layfield proceeded to state how his big singles push as WWE Champion came at a time when his body was starting to give up on him.

“I had that run and right when I kind of figured the business out, my body gave out on me, and that’s the only regret I have.’ 

It has been noted that Layfield’s singles run lasted for a short period time but he was able to make a huge impact and that doesn’t make him any less than a legend.

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Bishal Roy