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Jim Ross believes WWE possibly switching back to TV-14 helps AEW

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AEW commentator Jim Ross recently reflected on the reports emerging that WWE RAW might switch back to TV-14 rating. Fans have been thrilled ever since the report came out of RAW possibly moving to edgier content. WWE briefly listed their upcoming premium live event on Peacock, SummerSlam, as TV-14 before swiftly reverting it to TV-PG.

Jim Ross opens up on the matter

WWE Hall of Famer Ross, was around during WWE’s initial run under the TV-14 classification and has addressed the potential of the company reverting to its former rating, which he believes could affect his current employer in a positive manner:

‘The more people that watch Raw or SmackDown, believe it or not, helps AEW.’ Ross said on the ‘Grilling JR’ podcast. ‘Generating interest in pro wrestling, on any platform ’” what’s that old saying about high tides, all ships? I think that’s where we are here in this scenario. I hope it does well for them.’

WWE adapted its content to TV-PG in July 2008 across all programming, softening several elements such as blood, immoderate violence, and sexual content ’“ that fans would often see weekly during the late 1990s and early 2000s. The switch allowed the company to attract more family-friendly audiences and lure potential big-time mainstream sponsors. But now as it seems, the company might welcome their old style of presenting the product.

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Bishal Roy