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John Cena reveals consuming 3 tall beers before his match

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John Cena got to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view after calling out the WWE legend for weeks. It was nothing less than a dream encounter but what seems interesting is the fact that Cena chugged as many as three tall beers right before his match against The Undertaker.

John Cena reveals the incident

Cena’s match against The Undertaker was not previously announced until it was informed to him midway through the show. Before that, he had been watching the mega event with fans in attendance.

While speaking with Pat McAfee on his show, Cena revealed that he had a great time interacting with fans before his match. Cena added that he “crushed three tall drafts” before he was told that The Phenom was there. Cena had lost the bout and the match did not met the expectations of the fans as well.

Here is what the 16-time world champion said:

‘Everybody is chilled and watched the show. Then I made great friends with some people who traveled from Australia, people who traveled from across the US, buying each other beers. Literally, I crushed three tall drafts before they told me The Undertaker was there and I’d to hop the barricade and go wrestle The Undertaker. That was a great experience for me ’cause I got to be something I admired, something I am, I got to be a fan.’

You can check out the interview below:

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