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Jordan Maxx Matt Riddle: Are they still dating?

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Jordan Maxx, an aspiring professional wrestler, and Matt Riddle, a WWE Superstar, were once a popular couple within the wrestling community.

Their relationship seemed to be going strong, with the two often sharing affectionate posts on social media. However, recent events have raised questions about the couple’s status. In this article, we’ll provide an update on Jordan Maxx and Matt Riddle’s relationship.

Jordan Maxx: Revelations on Social Media

In December 2022, Jordan Maxx took to social media to reveal some startling information about her relationship with Matt Riddle.

She claimed that Riddle had been seen making out with someone else in the wrestling industry, adding that rather than keeping their plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Riddle decided to go to rehab.

Maxx expressed her hurt and confusion over the situation, asking her followers to imagine how they would feel in her shoes. Her emotional post indicated that the couple was no longer together.

Matt Riddle’s Absence of Response

Since Jordan Maxx’s social media revelations, Matt Riddle has not publicly addressed the situation. His silence on the matter leaves fans wondering about the true status of their relationship and his side of the story.

While Riddle has a history of being open about his personal life, his lack of response to Maxx’s claims raises further questions about the couple’s future.

The Impact on Their Professional Lives

Both Jordan Maxx and Matt Riddle are involved in the wrestling industry, with Maxx pursuing a career in professional wrestling and Riddle already an established WWE Superstar.

The end of their relationship, as indicated by Maxx’s social media posts, may affect their professional lives as they continue to navigate the world of wrestling as individuals.

Despite the apparent end of their romantic relationship, both Maxx and Riddle have the opportunity to focus on their respective careers in the wrestling industry, with the potential for future growth and success.


Based on Jordan Maxx’s social media posts in December 2022, it appears that she and Matt Riddle are no longer a couple.

Maxx’s claims of Riddle’s infidelity and subsequent decision to attend rehab, combined with Riddle’s silence on the matter, have left fans with unanswered questions about the couple’s relationship.

As both Maxx and Riddle continue to pursue their careers in the wrestling industry, it remains to be seen how this personal matter will affect their professional lives.

For now, it seems that Jordan Maxx and Matt Riddle have gone their separate ways, focusing on their individual careers and personal growth.

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