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Kevin Owens states he is ‘looking forward’ to WrestleMania 38 face-off

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WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently responded to challenge issued by Kevin Owens on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW. ’˜The Texas Rattlesnake’ said that he will be present at WrestleMania 38 to go face-to-face with the former WWE Universal Champion.

In a video clip posted by WWE, Austin said that he is going to ‘open up one more can of whoop-ass’ on KO. The Hall of Famer was seen riding his ATV in the desert and stopping to address Kevin Owen’s call-out after last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

’˜The Texas Rattlesnake was forced to retire from in-ring competition due to a serious neck injury and multiple knee injuries. However, he has been making sporadic appearances in WWE and hit Stunners to multiple stars over the years.

In the video clip, Austin stated that he has had to live with his loss at WrestleMania XIX and he has not been featured in a match in 19 years. He then gave credits to Kevin Owens for being able to ‘wake up’ his passion to get in the ring again. Here is what he said:

‘19 years ago I wrestled my last match in WWE, after 3 rock bottoms, I lost the match. And for the last 19 years, I have had to live with that defeat knowing my time is up. Kevin Owens I want to thank you’¦thank you for waking up something deep inside me that I’ve kept buried for 19 years. Every since you started running that mealy-mouth of yours about the state of Texas, the Great State of Texas, you’ve had my attention. And why would you wanna do that Kevin? I can think of two reasons, you’re one dumb son of a b****, and two, you’re fixing to get your ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Whether you wanna call this a KO Show, a Match, a Fight, A Brawl’¦I will guarantee you this, in Dallas TX, is where I started my career, at WrestleMania, Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna open on the last can of whoop-ass on you Kevin Owens. And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Said so.’

Kevin Owens responds to Steve Austin’s promo

Owens took to his Twitter account and posted:

‘Beautiful! Perfect! I’m looking forward to it, Steven.”

WrestleMania 38 will take place on Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3 at AT& T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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Bishal Roy