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Kurt Angle Recalls WWE Writer Being Brutally Abused In Wrestles’ Court

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The Undertaker was not only one of the top on-screen performers of his time, but he also served as the locker room leader. Among his duties in this backstage role, included the duty of being the judge of the wrestlers’ court.  Kurt Angle recently recalled one such time the Dead Man held the court to punish a WWE writer.

The WWE Hall of Famer talked about this during the most recent episode of his podcast. He mentioned how writer Brian Gewirtz was writing things for a lot of popular superstars during the Attitude Era, including Angle, The Rock, Chris Jericho, and more. However, some other wrestlers who weren’t getting the same treatment weren’t happy with this:

‘This is who he was supposed to be writing for, they decided to take him to wrestler’s court and Undertaker was the judge and [JBL] was the prosecuting attorney.” recalled Kurt Angle, “Brian Gewirtz had to defend himself and he got abused, verbally abused, not physically but it was pretty brutal. In the end, what he had to do was buy two kegs of beer for the wrestlers. Wrestlers court usually ended in someone having to pay someone off with alcohol.’

Angle also discussed working with The Undertaker and revealed which move of Taker was the most painful to take. According to him, The Last Ride was the hardest to take and it knocked you out. You didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom when you took it.

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