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Lex Luger provides update on his health issues

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WWE legend Lex Luger has been dealing with mobility issues. While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Luger discussed his health, where he noted that while he has mobility issues from his spinal cord, he is in great health.

Lex Luger opens up on his health

“It’s mind-boggling. I’m in phenomenal health,” the former WWE Royal Rumble winner, Luger said. “Other than my mobility issues from my spinal cord issue, I’m very healthy, and that’s a miracle of God after what I put my body through. I usually use a wheelchair or a walker, but I can walk some.”

He stated that he has great mobility when he drives but has to take precautions because he’s independent. Luger also noted that getting inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame would be the “cherry on top of” his career. A&E will air a new episode of Biography: WWE Legends this Sunday night about the life and career of Luger.

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Bishal Roy