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Lita claims she missed out on the ‘big moment’ before retiring

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WWE Hall of Famer Lita has had a legendary career in the company. She has also paved the way for the evolution of women’s wrestling and set the bar higher. She recently had a feud with WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch that culminated at Elimination Chamber in February. She suffered a loss against ‘Big Time Becks.’ It seems that she is seemingly unhappy with the way she is hanging up the boots. Lita also recently spoke about a potential WWE return.

Lita explains how the feud with Becky Lynch ‘felt very different’

Though she showcased a great performance in her match against Becky Lynch, she is seemingly not happy. It was the final chapter of her career and Lita also feels like she could use one more big, final moment before calling it a day.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, She said:

‘I had these like one-off appearances since I left my active career, but nothing that was like, meaningful enough and felt like, ’˜oh that was the last thing,’ or, ’˜this is how people will remember me’. It was just like, ’˜oh, like, a fun thing with Heat Slater, or it’s just like, Evolution, this opener tag match,’ you know?’ Lita recalled. ‘I’ve had fun spots since retiring, but nothing that felt big. You know, but, I’d already done the big stuff so it’s not that I was looking for that, but this just felt very different.’

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Bishal Roy