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Matt Cardona makes BIG claim about Vince McMahon

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Matt Cardona is the king of indie death matches and self-promotion on social media. The former Zack Ryder has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to using social media to get himself over. Since his WWE release in 2020, he has used the various platforms to great success and became one of the highest-paid indie wrestlers.

The former WWE star recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet about his success. He revealed his advice for young independent talent, explaining how it’s about finding a way to connect with the audience:

“I try to express how important social media and self-promotion is. I’m not saying the matches aren’t important, they are, but without the connection, who cares? You’re just doing moves. So I try to tell them how important social media is. You know this more than anybody. Social media. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s free. It’s free advertisement,

But it’s free for everybody. So there’s so much competition. How are you going to stand out? That I can’t answer, you gotta figure that out for yourself. But I let these guys and girls know, “Why aren’t you posting?” I just post. I don’t know anything about algorithm. I just post post post post post because I know people are just swiping through their phone and hopefully I’m gonna pop up.”

Matt Cardona also discussed his relationship with Vince McMahon. When questioned if McMahon was approachable, Cardona claimed that the boss listened to his ideas:

“He was to me. That’s something I didn’t learn till later on. Because it’s Vince McMahon. I was intimidated. I was scared. In WWE I grew up as a man and a wrestler. So towards the end, maybe it was too little too late, I went to Vince McMahon about things and he was definitely receptive. Did every idea pitched to him go through? No. But some did.”

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Martin MacDonald