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Mick Foley Reflects On WWE Ushering In A New Era

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is quite happy with WWE’s recent performance.

Fans have been thrilled about Triple H becoming the WWE Chief Content Officer, taking up the duties of creative after Vince McMahon’s retirement. The improvements have been noticed by the fanbase and have been reflected with a rise in viewership and ticket sales. He has also brought in some stars back who were previously released.

Mick Foley comments on Triple H

On the latest episode of Foley is Pod, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke about ‘The Game’ taking over creative in the company. In contrast to Vince McMahon’s regime, Foley believes that Hunter will go out of his way to send the fans home happy.

“Send them home happy,” Mick Foley said. “That’s one of the ’” the Triple H regime is probably not going to go out of its way to beat people in their hometown as a matter of a statement.”

Roman Reigns is currently the Unidputed WWE Universal Champion and Triple H is yet to pull a trigger to take the titles off of him. But according to Foley, the titles need to stay on Reigns for the future payoff with The Rock:

“I think you have to keep it on Roman for the payoff,” Mick Foley said. “If they don’t get to Rock/Roman, you can look back and go, ’˜God, would it have hurt to put that title on Drew?’ Going back to, Why beat Sasha in Boston? Why beat Charlotte in Charlotte? Why have Jim Ross kiss your ass in Oklahoma? Why beat Rey Mysterio in San Diego? Roman is super over. It doesn’t hurt Drew [to lose to Roman Reigns]. You’d be trading in the momentary high for long-term planning, in my opinion.”

We will see what else Triple H has in store for the fans.

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Bishal Roy