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Most Improved WWE Superstars of 2023 (Ranked)

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It is undeniable that 2023 has been one of the biggest years in the history of WWE, with the company merging with UFC to create TKO Holdings as the main talking point.

Beyond that though, 2023 also saw the rise of some fantastic Superstars who have set themselves up for a massive 2024.

We’ll be looking at those Superstars now and ranking the Top 5 who have ‘Most Improved’ WWE Superstars in 2023:

The Most Improved Superstars in 2023 Across RAW, SmackDown and NXT

5. Santos Escobar: A New Star on the Rise

2023 marked a significant year for Santos Escobar, who emerged as a top star in WWE’s main roster. His involvement with the LWO and a heel turn against Rey Mysterio showcased his versatility and charisma, elevating his status significantly.

4. Tiffany Stratton: The NXT Standout

Tiffany Stratton’s growth in WWE NXT was remarkable. Her character development, coupled with her in-ring performance, earned her the NXT Women’s Championship. Her storyline against Becky Lynch was a testament to her potential.

3. Jey Uso: From Tag Team to Singles Success

Jey Uso’s transition from a tag team specialist to a singles competitor was seamless. His departure from The Bloodline and subsequent rise as a singles star highlighted his in-ring abilities and connection with the audience.

2. LA Knight: Climbing to the Top

LA Knight’s 2023 journey was nothing short of spectacular. His popularity soared, leading to an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns. His character work and merchandise sales reflected his impact on WWE.

1. Dominik Mysterio: Embracing the Heel Role

Could it really have been anyone else? Dominik Mysterio’s transformation into one of WWE’s top heels was a highlight of 2023. His storyline with Rey Mysterio and involvement with The Judgment Day showcased his improved in-ring skills and character work.


  • Who was the most improved WWE superstar in 2023? Santos Escobar emerged as the most improved, showcasing significant development in character and in-ring performance.
  • Which WWE superstar had the most challenging year? Karrion Kross faced a challenging year, struggling to maintain momentum and screen presence.
  • What was a key factor in Jey Uso’s success in 2023? Jey Uso’s successful transition from a tag team wrestler to a singles competitor was a key factor in his success.
  • How did LA Knight make an impact in WWE in 2023? LA Knight connected with the audience, became a top merchandise seller, and earned a championship match, marking his impact.
  • What was unique about Tiffany Stratton’s rise in NXT? Tiffany Stratton’s character development and in-ring skills, particularly her storyline with Becky Lynch, highlighted her unique rise in NXT.
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