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Natalya reveals ‘biggest obstacle’ in her career

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The former WWE Divas Champion Natalya is one of the greatest female pro-wrestlers to grace the ring. She is a true veteran and boasts coming from the Hart dungeon. She is the daughter of the late great Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and it is no secret that pro-wrestling runs through her veins.

The veteran star who has had an illustrious career in WWE, currently helps to develop and train the stars of the future. She recently spoke with My Love Letter To Pro Wrestling, where she revealed what is her biggest obstacle that she faces in her career.

Natalya states her ‘biggest obstacle’ is confidence

‘The Queen of Harts’ claimed that confidence is the biggest obstacle in pro-wrestling. She revealed that it is something that she learned from the multiple-time world champion Triple H. However, now that she is training wrestlers herself, that has started to click even more. Here is what she said:

‘I think the biggest thing, and I’ve heard Triple H say this, and now that we kind of have our own training area, training ground, I think the biggest, biggest, biggest obstacle is confidence. So Triple H says like ’“ when he’s at tryouts, he wants to see who stands out above everyone else,’ Natalya said. ‘And I understand that now because now that we’re working with people.

She further spoke about starting her training with one of her friends who has been a huge pro-wrestling fan but has been shy. Natalya noted that confidence helps the stars to grow in the business:

‘We have a friend that started training with us and I said to him in the very beginning, his name is Khalil. And he’s only 20, but he’s been a lifelong pro wrestling fan and he’s a friend of ours and he asked TJ to, you know, help him. But why I bring him is because he loves pro wrestling his whole life but I felt like he was too shy.

‘I was like, I don’t know if he has the ’˜it factor’ in him, the confidence. The confidence is going to be what takes you to the top. That’s what’s going to be, what separates you from being a good athlete to being like, ’˜d-mn. This person stands out, this person like has that swagger about them. This person has that. You go from like, they were a great high school athlete to like, holy. This person could main event WrestleMania.’˜

She has been recently involved in series of matches with WWE SmackDown star Aliyah in a losing efforts.

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