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Nia Jax: Former WWE star’s match was canceled for a ‘regulation’

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The former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax recently revealed that WWE were forced to cancel her singles match with Jon Moxley(formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE). Jax was seemingly set to be involved in a feud with the former WWE Champion. It came after they were involved in a confrontation on the January 28, 2019 episode of Monday Night RAW.

The two former WWE stars were planned to square off against each other at a live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas on February 22, 2019. But, the card suddenly got changed to everyone’s surprise and the match was nixed from the card.

Nia Jax opens up on the change

She went on to reveal that it was due to a regulation about intergender matches in the state of Arkansas.

Speaking on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast, Jax questioned whether the match should have been booked in the first place:

‘If anybody is amazing and has an incredible resume, it’s Jon. But I’m like, ’˜Does he wanna do this? Is this where we’re going?’ I don’t know what happened. Somebody said the state that we were supposed to be working in didn’t allow intergender matches or some cr*p like that.’

Nia Jax further added that Moxley was quite reluctant to be involved in the intergender match as he was not comfortable hitting her. The former RAW Women’s Champion had similar concerns about how the match would play out and she is glad that the match never transpired.

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Bishal Roy