Omos caught breaking character on RAW


WWE RAW star Omos is a giant who recently has been wrecking havoc on the red brand since parting ways with his former tag-team partner, AJ Styles. This week, the giant once again destroyed his opponent, who did not stand a chance against the former one-half of the WWE RAW tag-team champions. Some fans noted an interesting gesture from the seven footer before his match.

Omos was spotted breaking character on this week’s edition of the show. Prior to his match against Nick Sanders, the WWE RAW star was seen interacting with the referee and his opponent. The moment was caught on camera and aired live during WWE RAW.

During the interaction, Omos asked if he should be taunting his opponent regarding the size disparity between the two stars.

You can check out the full video of Omos breaking his character on this link.

Omos was quick enough to crush Sanders and the former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion didn’t have to do much on the night and quickly secured the win via pinfall in a match that hardly lasted a few minutes.

The heavyweight is set to be in action against Reggie on next week’s episode of Monday Night RAW after the two had a brief encounter in a backstage segment.

Omos was caught interacting with the referee

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NXT 2.0 and WWE NXT UK are available to watch on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively on WWE Network in the United Kingdom. The shows are also available on Peacock in the United States.

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