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Randy Orton comments on ‘sick’ moment during WrestleMania 38

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Randy Orton and Riddle retained the RAW Tag Team Championship after defeating Alpha Academy and The Street Profits to kickoff WrestleMania Sunday. The match was full of jam-packed action and saw some spectacular spots. ‘The Viper’ praised Riddle in a post-match interview after watching his tag team partner’s epic RKO.

Randy Orton reacts to the top-rope RKO 

In the final moments of the match that lasted 11 minutes, Riddle leaped off the top rope to hit Montez Ford with a springboard RKO. While speaking to WWE interviewer Sarah Schreiber after their match, Orton congratulated Riddle on his unique execution of the legendary move:

‘You needed your WrestleMania moment,” said Orton. “I know this wasn’t your first WrestleMania, but you needed a WrestleMania moment, man. You did something that I could never do with the RKO, and that’s a springboard off the top rope. Brother, that was sick. That was sick.’

Orton also caught Chad Gable mid-air with an RKO following the Alpha Academy member’s attempt to perform a top-rope move. The Viper then pinned Gable to pick up the win for his team.

Randy Orton believes he and Riddle are capable of winning other titles in WWE while still defending the RAW Tag Team Championship:

‘Nobody’s better than us,” Orton continued. “We are the best Tag Team Champions the WWE has ever seen. As a matter of fact, I think we’re the best Champions that the WWE has ever seen. The sky’s the limit, man, the sky’s the limit. There’s some more titles around here running around somewhere. We will grab some more titles when the time comes.’ 

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