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Ricochet ‘dangerous move’ draws critical attention of WWE legend

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WWE SmackDown star Ricochet is a high-flyer and he leaves WWE fans in awe whenever he performs inside the squared circle. In the collection of his spectacular maneuvers, the ‘Spanish Fly’ is one of the high-risk moves. Though the aerial move can be eye-catching but it comes with huge risks and could cause serious injuries. The former US Champion recently performed the move on Sheamus during the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

Ricochet could have injured himself and Sheamus

The former WWE star and manager Dutch Mantell raised concerns over the aerial move while speaking about the move the show on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk. Mantell was worried the former NXT star could have legitimately broken his arm if he had made a slight error while executing the move.

Here’s what Dutch Mantell briefly said on Smack Talk:

“Let me say this. I saw that move he did tonight, the Spanish Fly, because I’d heard the name before, and I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’ Spanish Fly means something totally different to me. But I watched it in slow-mo when they did it, what a dangerous move. I thought he was going to break his arm. One mess-up and somebody is hurt,” Dutch Mantell said.

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