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WWE Superstars Roman Reigns Has NEVER Faced 1-on-1

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Roman Reigns, a dominant force in WWE, has faced a myriad of opponents in his illustrious career. However, there are still some notable WWE Superstars he has never battled in a major one-on-one match.

This article delves into these surprising omissions, exploring potential matchups that could electrify the WWE Universe.

Karrion Kross: The Missed Opportunity

Karrion Kross’s return to WWE in 2022 sparked speculation about a potential feud with Reigns.

Although Kross got involved in Drew McIntyre’s rivalry with Reigns, plans for a direct confrontation between Kross and Reigns never materialised. At this point, it is going to take a miracle for Kross to be even close to Reigns on the totem pole for this match to even happen.

Solo Sikoa: The Bloodline’s Unexplored Conflict

Solo Sikoa, a key figure in the Bloodline storyline, has yet to face Reigns. While the narrative hasn’t demanded a clash between them, the seeds for a future match have been subtly planted.

The Rock: The Dream Match

The most anticipated and speculated match is between Roman Reigns and his cousin, The Rock. Fans have been clamouring for this family feud, which remains a tantalising possibility.


  • Why hasn’t Roman Reigns faced Karrion Kross? Although there was speculation about a feud, plans for a direct match between Reigns and Kross never materialized.
  • Has Roman Reigns battled every member of the Bloodline? Reigns has faced most members, but a major match with Solo Sikoa is yet to occur.
  • Have Roman Reigns and The Rock ever fought? No, a match between Reigns and The Rock remains a highly anticipated but unrealized dream match.
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