Baron Corbin is reportedly ‘beloved’ behind the scenes in WWE

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin is reportedly one of the most beloved members of the SmackDown roster according to recently reports

Baron Corbin

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin may be one of the most hated heels on WWE programming, but backstage he is one of the most beloved names on the roster.

According to Andrew Zarian of FigureFourOnline’s We’re Live Pal! podcast, Baron Corbin is one of the easiest performers to work with in WWE.

“Baron Corbin is beloved in that company” Zarian stated. “Maybe not by the fans, but I can tell you from a former writer one time told me that he is one of the most pleasant people to work with because he will not be combative.”

Is Baron Corbin liked in WWE?

“He works with you on stuff ” Zarian continued. “Us as fans, we look at this, and we’re like ‘ah, another Baron Corbin match,’ but his heat was so negative where it’s now turned into normal heat in a weird way.”

Corbin is currently part of a ‘downward spiral’ angle following the loss of his ‘King’ moniker to Shinsuke Nakamura a few weeks ago.

WWE recently attempted to copyright the phrase ‘Happy Corbin,’ so this is clearly the route they are looking to take with the former NXT Superstar as they attempt to re-brand him on the main roster. 

Corbin had a very different character during his days on NXT, where the ‘Lone Wolf’ would appear for very quick squash matches that saw the crowd in attendance count down how quickly the matches would be.

Corbin was extremely over during his early run with the company, so hopefully WWE can find a way to help develop him into a beloved babyface IN-FRONT of the cameras.