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Former WWE RAW Tag team reformed in NXT

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A former WWE RAW tag team has been reformed in NXT after one of the members went back down to developmental.

The Indus Sher tag team featuring Veer and Sanga recently teamed together at an NXT live show for the first time since Veer was called up to the main roster.

According to a recent report/rumor from Xero News, we now appear to know why the team was brought back together.

“Indus Sher are officially a tag team in the NXT tag division again” the site claimed on Twitter. “Veer put back on NXT, but long term has them both coming into the main roster tag division.

“[There will] Likely be a short stint in NXT to help Sanga grow a little more” the site concluded.

WWE RAW Tag Team Reforms

It’s worth noting that this rumour from Xero News is just that, a rumour, as we are unable to verify whether or not the report is legitimate at this time.

Veer going back to NXT to get the band back together absolutely makes sense, because he really wasn’t going anywhere on the main roster.

Hopefully, this will help his career going forward and perhaps get another decent tag team on either RAW or SmackDown in the coming months.

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