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Huge backstage rumours on Johnny Gargano push

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WWE Superstar Johnny Gargano made a shock return to the company this week on WWE RAW, and apparently, he’s got a big push coming.

According to a new report/rumour from Xero News, Triple H is looking at strapping the rocket to the recently returned former NXT Champion.

“He wants the WWE title” the account on Twitter began, linking to a WWE-exclusive video of Gargano’s return. “Landscapes changing. Out with Vince’s main eventers [and] in with Hunters” the account claimed.

Johnny Gargano WWE Push

It’s worth noting that this rumour from Xero News is just that, a rumour, as we are unable to verify whether or not the report is legitimate at this time.

Look, I am all for Johnny Wrestling getting a big push now that he is back with the company, I really really am.

Having said that, I just cannot see Triple H deciding to make him the face of RAW or be challenging for a world title anytime soon. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Maybe a short-term feud with Theory and then a run at something like the US title? What I would absolutely LOVE to see though is Gargano vs Rhodes, so that needs to happen in 2023.

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