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Keith Lee reportedly ‘frustrated’ following WWE RAW loss

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WWE RAW Superstar Keith Lee is reportedly frustrated following his loss on this week’s episode of WWE RAW. Lee faced Karrion Kross this week, and lost the match after passing out in a rear-chokehold submission.

This was the second week in a row that Keith Lee had appeared on Monday Night RAW, following a long leave of abscence. PWInsider recently reported that this isn’t a one time deal for the Former NXT North American Champion. Keith Lee is now apparently a full-time member of the RAW roster once again.

PWInsider wrote ‘we are told he has been ‘cleared’ to return to performing, so whatever was keeping him off was not a creative decision.  Lee has stated in recent weeks on social media that when he could speak about the situation, he would.’

Keith Lee frustrated?

There have now been some interesting developments since Keith Lee’s loss on Monday. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio noted that Lee had tweeted and then quickly deleted a disparaging comment about the match itself.

‘All I know is that yesterday, Keith Lee tweeted something which he later deleted” Bryan Alvarez began. “Which said something to the effect of ‘gone 7 months and virtually squashed my first two weeks back’ or something like that.”

“That one got deleted. Then he tweeted something else and he said, ‘I am just going to tell you the story myself. Give me a week or two” Alvarez added.

Earlier this week, Lee also tweeted that he wanted to tell the fans “himself” what his situation has been over the past few months:

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