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Roman Reigns: Rumoured gimmick change coming soon?

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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is rumoured to be getting a massive gimmick change in the very near future, maybe even after Clash at the Castle.

According to a recent report/rumour from Xero News, the ‘Tribal Chief’ will be dropping the moniker as soon as he drops the WWE and Universal Championships.

“The Tribal Chief gimmick [will be] ending when belts dropped. [It] isn’t something I believe, it is something Roman himself has stated – Once he drops the belts the Tribal Chief is done” Xero began.

“It will be a new Tweener Gimmick similar to the Big Dog [for those wondering as] just seen some comments about it on my post” the site concluded.

Roman Reigns The Tribal Chief

It’s worth noting that this rumour from Xero News is just that, a rumour, as we are unable to verify whether or not the report is legitimate at this time.

Reigns has stated himself that the Tribal Chief will be ‘done’ once he loses the belts, but the ‘tweener’ move like the Big Dog is very interesting.

Is this finally it? Are we finally going to see Reigns as a beloved face in the company after years and years of fans hating his presentation? We’ll have to wait and find out, but it is looking promising.

A tweener gimmick would be a much better option for WWE to pursue than just outright trying to make Reigns face again, and I think they might actually be successful this time.

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