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Seth Rollins reveals what he does better than Roman Reigns

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WWE star Seth Rollins was recently involved in a personal feud with his Shield stablemate and the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief has been dominant in WWE considers himself to be the best. But his former friend and rival Seth Rollins believes there is still one aspect of the game that he is better than Reigns at. That is the mental aspect of it, playing mind games.

Rollins faced Reigns at the Royal Rumble last month. The Universal Champion retained his title by getting disqualified and proceeded to launch a merciless attack on The Architect after the match.

Speaking on Radio Row. he said that The Shield’s breakup is something that Reigns has still not come to terms with:

”And so the more I messed with him, the more it became a real possibility that was going to be something that would get inside of his head. Because, look, the guy’s a super athlete. He’s got a lot of advantages when it comes to size and strength, but when it comes to the mental game of what we do, there’s nobody better than me.” Rollins said.

You can check out the video clip of the interview below:

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