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Top WWE star talks surprising Money In The Bank exclusion

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Sheamus is not sure why he has been excluded from the Money In The Bank match.

WWE presented its first major show in UK since SummerSlam 1992 in Clash at The Castle last year. After the big success of the show from Cardiff, Wales, the company announced their return to the country with another PPV in Money In The Bank this year. The show is set to take place from London on July 1.

It’s a bit surprising however that the two stars that got the biggest reactions at the Clash at the Castle have been excluded from any build for Money In The Bank so far. Neither Sheamus nor Drew McIntyre have been announced for the PPV event. While McIntyre has been out of action due to various reasons, no explanation has been given for the exclusion of The Celtic Warrior.

Sheamus believes he should be at Money In The Bank

Sheamus was not even part of any qualifying matches for the Money In The Bank ladder match. He opened up about this exclusion during an interview with The Metro and mentioned how him and Gunther tore the roof down in Wales:

“I mean, selfishly I should. If it’s with Ridge too, that’d be great. But listen, last time we were in Wales (for Clash At The Castle in September), I tore the bleeding roof off the place. Nobody came close! Roman, Drew didn’t come close ’“ and it was built around that match. Nobody came close to (me and Gunther).”

The former WWE champion mentioned how he has been delivering banger after banger at every stop. This is why he should have been included when it comes to a PPV in Europe:

“Every time I’m in there, I blow the roof off the place. Doesn’t matter if it’s in Cardiff, Wales, doesn’t matter if it’s in Lexington, Kentucky, MSG, the reactions I get are ins*ne. Every time I get out there, I put on a banger. I should be the first person they’re thinking of ’“ especially when a pay-per-view comes to Europe like that. So yeah, a hundred percent, I should be in there.”

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Martin MacDonald