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Why is it called SmackDown?

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The name “SmackDown” has become synonymous with high-energy wrestling entertainment, but where did this unique moniker originate?

The term was first coined by WWE superstar The Rock, known for his charismatic and flamboyant style. In the late 1990s, The Rock often used the phrase “Layeth the smackdown” in his promos and interviews, which quickly caught on with fans. T

his catchphrase encapsulated the essence of the show – a place where intense rivalries and high-stakes matches were the norm.

WWE SmackDown: The Early Days

WWE SmackDown made its debut on August 26th, 1999, as a counterpart to WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw.

It was initially conceived as a special one-off program but soon became a regular fixture in WWE’s weekly programming due to its popularity.

The show’s early days were marked by memorable moments and the rise of several WWE superstars who would go on to become legends in the industry.

Brand Identity and Evolution

Over the years, SmackDown has undergone several changes, evolving in response to the shifting landscape of professional wrestling.

The show has seen various format changes, shifts in broadcast days, and even network changes, each time adapting and maintaining its unique identity within the WWE universe.

WWE SmackDown: Key Milestones

  • 15th Anniversary: In 2014, the show celebrated its 15th anniversary, a testament to its enduring appeal and significance in the world of professional wrestling.
  • Return to Thursday Nights: In 2015, the programme returned to Thursday nights, a move aimed at attracting a younger audience and securing more premium advertising.
  • Move to Tuesday Nights and Live Broadcasts: In 2016, the blue brand transitioned to airing live on Tuesday nights, marking a significant shift from its pre-recorded format. This change brought a new level of excitement and unpredictability to the show.
  • Brand Extensions and General Managers: Throughout its history, the show has seen various brand extensions and changes in leadership, with different general managers bringing their unique styles to the show.

SmackDown in the Modern Era

Today, SmackDown continues to be a staple of WWE programming, showcasing some of the best talents in the industry.

Its ability to reinvent itself while staying true to its roots is a key factor in its longevity and popularity.


  • When did WWE SmackDown debut?
    • WWE SmackDown debuted on August 26, 1999.
  • Who coined the term “SmackDown”?
    • The term was coined by WWE superstar The Rock.
  • What marked the early days of SmackDown?
    • The early days of the show were marked by memorable moments and the rise of several future WWE legends.
  • How has SmackDown evolved over the years?
    • The ‘blue brand’ has undergone format changes, shifts in broadcast days, and network changes, adapting to the evolving world of professional wrestling.
  • What are some key milestones in SmackDown’s history?
    • Key milestones include its 15th anniversary, the return to Thursday nights, the move to live broadcasts on Tuesday nights, and various brand extensions.
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