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Separating The Rock From Dwayne Johnson – A Professional Wrestling Legacy

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Although professional wrestling has birthed some absolute megastars over the last 50 years, including the likes of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H, there’s one man who has a set of accomplishments that far surpass any professional wrestling legend – the formidable Dwayne Johnson, the artist formerly known as The Rock.

Each professional wrestler has to have a gimmick, song, catchphrase and signature move to have the sort of international fame and fandom that comes with being a superstar on the world’s biggest sports theatre and entertainment platform. Not only did The Rock have star quality in abundance, but he has also transcended these skills into Hollywood with phenomenal success.

The Rock For President?

The office of the US President used to be reserved for career politicians. However, there have been rare occasions in recent history where Presidents have risen to prominence from other fields, such as business and even acting, in the case of Ronald Reagan.

We’re not here to voice political opinions. We’re here to simply shine a light on how stranger things have happened in the United States have happened than The Rock becoming President, and it’s something that
some gambling companies have even started taking bets on. The internet has created a tsunami of new gambling markets for people looking to place bets online. Professional video gaming is another area where The Rock could soon find himself subject to betting.

There is talk of a WWE eSports league soon joining the ranks of the already immensely popular eSports industry, which is making huge profits and attracting millions of people worldwide to tune in and watch the top tournaments. If there’s a WWE tournament, you’d expect The Rock to appear as one of the game’s unlockable legend characters in the team selection. It’s not just quirky Presidential and eSports markets that are revolutionising the world of betting; there’s also been a seismic shift in how people deposit their funds to play, with cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly popular to gamble. There’s a growing market for crypto eSports betting on games and tournaments, and it’s projected to continue expanding throughout this decade.

If Dwayne Johnson’s proposed presidential run starts to gather momentum, people might place crypto bets on him if he decides to run in 2024. However, even if he stays out of the race, we imagine he will appear in crypto eSports betting in the not-too-distant future once the market for WWE eSports starts to gather momentum, and the markets undoubtedly follow suit.

The Rock’s Legacy In The WWE

For a whole generation of wrestling fans, The Rock Bottom, The Rock’s Eyebrow, and The Rock’s theme and catchphrase are imprinted into the mind forever. Millions of fans in their twenties and thirties can pinpoint the phrase, lyrics, and matches in which they were captivated by the aura of the champion. The fact that he can still come back after all these years as such a massive surprise star is a testament to how beloved he is by vast numbers of wrestling fans.

Many believe The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Kane & The Undertaker period in the late 1990s and the early 2000s was the golden age of wrestling. The Rock shot to international fame during this period, with many iconic moments during his stint in WWE. Given that this is widely considered the golden age of televised professional American wrestling, and The Rock played such an integral role in the development and success of the organisation, his legacy within the ranks of the sports entertainment business is unquestionable.


Although The Rock has returned to rapturous audiences and astounded fans several times, he has made an active and consistent attempt to lose The Rock title and be known as Dwayne Johnson. With his recent exploits in film and the fact that he is one of the most successful actors currently operating in Hollywood, he has frequently been named the highest-paid actor operating anywhere in the world on multiple occasions over the last decade.

His estimated net worth is somewhere in the region of $800 million, so there’s no doubt that his immense success in professional wrestling effortlessly transcended into the world of film entertainment. Professional wrestlers who move from sports theatre and entertainment into the world of acting have an added advantage over other novices, given that they have spent years practising the lines, facial movements, and stunts that see them cross so effortlessly into the world of acting.

Despite all this and his unbelievable success in film, Dwayne Johnson still struggles to shake off The Rock moniker. In some ways, he has become a victim of his success, with so many people still nostalgically connecting him to his wondrous creation. This fact cements his true legacy; even decades after leaving the world of WWE, Johnson is still widely known as The Rock, and it’s a legacy that few, if any, can rival.

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