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The Rock Eyebrow: Where it came from, and how to do it

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In the world of professional wrestling there are many larger-than-life characters, one such character is ‘The Rock‘ Dwayne Johnson and one of his signature features is that thick, arched eyebrow.

Fans got used to seeing one of Rocky’s brows appearing over his also iconic sunglasses during the Attitude Era of the late 90s and early 2000s, and it has remained one of the enduring gimmicks in the world of professional wrestling since.

In this article, we investigate what The Rock Eyebrow is actually called, why Dwayne Johnson used to do it in the world of WWE, and where he may well have gotten the inspiration from.

What is The Rock eyebrow called?

The Rock eyebrow is also known as the “People’s Eyebrow”.

Why did The Rock raise his eyebrow?

The Rock’s eyebrow was usually raised to express a number of emotions, including disbelief, scepticism, amusement and sarcasm. The Rock would raise his eyebrow as a nonverbal response to taunt his opponent during matches and promo segments!

Where does The Rock’s eyebrow come from?

There is a belief that The Rock ‘took’ the People’s Eyebrow gimmick from Gil Hayes. Speaking to Slam Wrestling, Hayes’ second wife Shelly Paulson, said:

“He [Dwayne] used to sit with me and we used to watch Gil do his interviews. The Rock’s eyebrow [lift] came from Gil, I’ll bet my life on it. They used to put the camera right on Gil’s face with that damn eyebrow sticking up and up sitting there. So I can imagine as a 10-year-old little boy he saw this and that became his trademark.”

How do you do The Rock eyebrow?

Actually pulling off The Rock’s iconic People’s Eyebrow isn’t easy, but here is a good YouTube tutorial to help you get to grips with it:

YouTube video
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