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The Rock Reveals One Of His Favourite WWE Moments

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The Rock is one of the biggest names in WWE. He has multiple accolades to his name. ‘The Great One’ also experienced some iconic moments during his pro wrestling career. He recently narrated a scene about The Nation of Domination in a recent episode of his television sitcom, Young Rock.

The Rock opens up on the moment

In 1998, the iconic superstar took over the leadership of the faction from Ron Simmons, aka Faarooq. A major storyline development occurred on the February 21, 1998, episode of RAW when The Rock gifted a picture of himself to his stablemate.

In the eighth episode of Young Rock season three, the wrestler-turned-actor recalled how much he enjoyed the segment:

“At first things were great,” The Rock said. “I was being myself and my popularity was sky-rocketing, so Vince [WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon] used my growing stature to create a little unrest in The Nation of Domination. I had just bought my fellow Nation members Rolexes, but I had a special gift for Faarooq [a picture of himself]. God, I loved that angle!”

In the next segment, The Rock shared the formula he followed to make it big in the world of wrestling:

“My recipe for success was simple. I trusted my gut and good things would happen. The Attitude Era was taking off for the WWF [WWE]; attendance records across the country and our rosters were stacked.”

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Bishal Roy