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The Undertaker Was Intentionally Beaten Up By Legend

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WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker is certainly of the biggest names in the pro wrestling industry. He entertained the fans for more than three decades and finally retired at Survivor Series 2020. He was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year. ‘The Phenom’ recently revealed how he was intentionally beaten by a legend.

The Undertaker talks about the incident

During a WCCW event on June 26, 1987, The Undertaker, performing as Texas Red at the time, faced off against the seasoned Bruiser Brody. Despite having limited experience in the wrestling world, The Undertaker attempted to seize control of the match by giving instructions to Brody.

While speaking on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions in the past, The Deadman revealed that Bruiser Brody was irked by The Undertaker’s suggestions and intentionally beat him up instead.

‘I grab an arm, so I’m standing there with a standing armbar. I just grabbed it, right? So he’s about to shoot me off [against the ropes] and I yelled, ’˜Clothesline.’ I’m calling the match! I ain’t got no brains! All of a sudden, that furry boot came up out of nowhere, man, and wham, he whacked me with that boot. My eyes rolled back in my head. I was like, ’˜Oh, wow, okay.’’

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Bishal Roy