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Titus O’ Neil reflects on his in-ring future

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WWE star Titus O’ Neil, who is also the Global Ambassador of the company, has been away from in-ring action since 2020. Many fans have wondered if he has retired. It seems that is not the case.

Titus O’ Neil provides update on his in-ring future

O’ Neil had recently made his on-screen return when he cut a promo on Monday Night RAW. He had talked about the virtues of the company.

He has said in the past that he fully plans to return to the squared circle. There has not been a timetable set, but he’s keeping busy with his work in communities all over as a representative of WWE. In March, he revealed that he has been rehabbing a procedure on his knee.

In a new interview behind Fightful’s pay wall, Titus O’Neil spoke about his future in WWE. The company did confirm that he is not a current member of the active roster. However, the former WWE Tag-Team Champions believes that when the time is right, he will once again compete in the ring:

‘Titus told Fightful that he’s not retired, and fully plans to return to the ring one day. A WWE source did confirm he’s not considered to be on their ‘active roster.’ He hasn’t put a time table on a return, but he said that he will discuss it with WWE when he feels the time is right, but it ‘will happen.’ As of now, he’s fully embraced his role as Global Ambassador with WWE.’

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Bishal Roy