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“We all make mistakes as human beings”- Kurt Angle reflects on Vince McMahon scandal

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Vince McMahon recently announced his retirement from WWE. It was revealed that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will serve as Co-CEOs of WWE, while Triple H is EVP of Talent Relations and Head of Creative. This comes amid the scandal that Vince has been involved in. He has been accused of misconduct with the female stars of the company. The latest Wall Street Journal story noted Vince McMahon paid $12 million in hush money to four women in the past 16 years to suppress allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity.

Kurt Angle backs Vince McMahon

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has had quite a close relationship with McMahon over the years as Angle was one of the top stars when he entered WWE as a television performer in 1999, but left the company in 2006. Angle would return in 2017 for one last run.

Speaking to Graham GSM Matthews of Bleacher Report, Angle revealed he messaged McMahon following his retirement:

“I text him five days ago when he decided to retire. I said, ‘Love you, Vince.’ I didn’t want to go into detail, what happened, this and that. He said, ‘I love you too.’ That’s all we said to each other. Vince has always been kind of a father figure to me. We did have a falling out in 2006, but we mended that in 2017 and I love the guy to death. He’s such a great individual. We all make mistakes as human beings and Vince is no different, but he’s an excellent individual,” said Angle.

With Vince gone, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were named Co-CEOS while Triple H assumed creative duties. Despite Vince retiring, Angle believes Vince will continue to be involved:

“They’re making adjustments. It is sad to see Vince gone. He’s what made the WWE tick. He always was the guy, he will continue to be the guy, regardless of whether he’s there or not. I’m not worried about the company, I am a little bit concerned that Vince isn’t going to be there. I have all the faith in the world that Stephanie and Triple H are going to be able to carry that company. I honestly believe, I don’t know if I should say this or not, but I think Vince is going to be behind the scenes. I don’t think he’s ever going to let go of the product. He will send messages to Triple H and Stephanie and make sure that he’s involved. No doubt about it. I believe that in my mind,” he said.

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