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Wrestling Veteran Calls Bayley ‘Typical Karen’

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WWE star Bayley has undergone gimmick changes multiple times since her WWE debut in 2012. Now, a pro wrestling veteran opened up on her gimmick.

Vince Russo opens up on Bayley

During this week’s Legion of RAW episode, Vince Russo said that WWE seems to have missed an opportunity by not giving her a complete “Karen” gimmick.

For those who aren’t aware, Karen is a slang term for women “perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.” It is pretty popular in meme culture, and Russo considers that Bayley would be a fit to be “typical Karen” in the kayfabe world of wrestling.

While The Role Model is already considered one of the finest heels in women’s wrestling, Russo explained how she could have gotten even more heat from the audience, as you can view below on this week’s Legion of RAW:

“Bro, she should have been a Karen! They so missed the boat on it! Like, how do you not look at her? That she is a typical Karen. She would have gotten so much (heat). How do you miss that, bro? That’s what they should have done!”

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