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WWE Aliyah: Age, Twitter, Boyfriend, Throw Up and more

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The world of professional wrestling is replete with dynamic personalities, and Aliyah, a Canadian wrestler, is no exception.

Born Nhooph Al-Areebi on November 23, 1994, in Toronto, Ontario, she has made a significant mark in the WWE universe. Let’s delve into the life and career of this remarkable athlete.

WWE Aliyah Age

Born in 1994, Aliyah, as of 2024, is 29 years old.

Her journey into wrestling began at a young age, influenced by the likes of Beth Phoenix and Mickie James. Aliyah’s passion for wrestling was evident from the start, and she pursued this dream with relentless determination.

WWE Aliyah Twitter

Aliyah is active on Twitter, where she connects with her fans and shares insights into her life both inside and outside the ring.

Her Twitter handle, @NhoophAl_Areebi, is a platform where she announced her departure from WWE on September 21, 2023.

This social media presence allows fans to keep up with her latest ventures and thoughts.

WWE Aliyah Boyfriend

As of the information available, Aliyah has kept her personal life, especially regarding relationships, private.

There is no public information about her having a boyfriend or being involved in any romantic relationships. This discretion highlights her focus on her professional career and personal privacy.

WWE Aliyah Throw Up

In an unexpected and unfortunate incident, WWE star Aliyah experienced a moment on live television that caught both her and the audience by surprise. During her televised debut on SmackDown in Norfolk, Virginia, Aliyah found herself in a challenging situation following a match.

The event unfolded on the November 12th 2021 episode of SmackDown. Aliyah, teaming up with Sasha Banks and Naomi, faced off against Natalya, Shotzi, and Shayna Baszler. The match was intense, with a brawl breaking out as Sonya Deville attempted to introduce Team SmackDown. As the match neared its conclusion, Natalya applied the Sharpshooter on Aliyah. However, Naomi intervened, allowing Aliyah to secure a pin on the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The victory was a significant moment for Aliyah, marking her successful debut. However, the celebration took an unexpected turn. While in the ring, celebrating with Naomi and Sasha Banks, Aliyah appeared to vomit into her hand. This incident was captured in video footage that later emerged, showing the young star’s distressing moment.

This occurrence was a stark reminder of the intense physical and emotional pressure wrestlers face, especially during high-stakes matches and significant debuts like Aliyah’s. Despite this setback, Aliyah’s resilience and professionalism shone through, as she continued to engage with the audience and her fellow wrestlers.

The incident did not overshadow Aliyah’s achievement on her debut night but added a human element to the often larger-than-life world of professional wrestling. It highlighted the real, unscripted challenges athletes face in their careers, making Aliyah’s journey in WWE all the more relatable and inspiring.

Career Beginnings

Aliyah’s wrestling career began on the independent circuit under the ring name Jasmin Areebi. She debuted for Squared Circle Wrestling (SCW) in Toronto in January 2013 and wrestled for various promotions in Canada and the United States. Her WWE journey started in 2015 when she signed a developmental contract and made her first appearance at the NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable event.

WWE Milestones

During her time in WWE, Aliyah achieved notable milestones. She holds the record for the fastest victory in WWE history at 3.17 seconds. Her in-ring prowess and charismatic presence earned her a spot in the hearts of wrestling fans worldwide. Aliyah’s tenure in WWE saw her evolve as a performer, adapting her style and persona to the dynamic world of professional wrestling.

In addition to her wrestling career, Aliyah has also made her mark in other media. She made her video game debut as a playable character in WWE 2K23, allowing fans to experience her wrestling style in the virtual world.

WWE Aliyah Nationality

Aliyah’s heritage is an essential part of her identity. She is of Syrian and Iraqi descent, bringing a unique cultural background to the wrestling world. Her diverse heritage has contributed to her unique persona in the ring, making her a standout performer in WWE.

Aliyah WWE Release

Despite her release from WWE in 2023, Aliyah’s impact on the wrestling world remains significant. Her achievements, including winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, have cemented her place in wrestling history.


  • What is Aliyah’s real name?
    • Nhooph Al-Areebi.
  • When was Aliyah born?
    • November 23, 1994.
  • Is Aliyah active on social media?
    • Yes, she is active on Twitter under the handle @WWE_Aliyah.
  • Has Aliyah won any championships in WWE?
    • Yes, she is a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.
  • What is Aliyah’s heritage?
    • She is of Syrian and Iraqi descent.
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