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WWE Announcers: Commentary, Ring Announcers and more for RAW, SmackDown and NXT

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The world of professional wrestling is as much about the voices that narrate the action as it is about the athletes in the ring. In WWE, the commentary and broadcast teams play a pivotal role in shaping the viewer’s experience.

As of December 2023, the composition of these teams across various WWE brands such as RAW, SmackDown, NXT, NXT Level Up, and Main Event, showcases a blend of seasoned veterans and fresh talent.

WWE Announcers: The Voices of RAW

RAW, WWE’s flagship show, boasts a commentary team that combines the seasoned expertise of Michael Cole with the insightful analysis of Wade Barrett.

Cole, a long-standing figure in WWE commentary, brings years of experience and a deep understanding of the sport. Barrett, a former WWE superstar himself, provides unique perspectives from a wrestler’s point of view.

Handling the ring-announcing duties for RAW is Samantha Irvin, whose energetic voice has become a staple of the show.

The backstage area, a crucial part of the storytelling in WWE, is covered by Byron Saxton and Jackie Redmond. Their interviews with wrestlers provide fans with insights and advance storylines, adding depth to the in-ring action.

SmackDown’s Commentating Crew

SmackDown, another marquee WWE show, features a dynamic trio on commentary. Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves, and Michael Cole combine to deliver a mix of play-by-play narration and colour commentary.

Graves, known for his witty and often controversial remarks, complements the more straightforward styles of Patrick and Cole.

Mike Rome, as the ring announcer, brings his own flair to the introductions, enhancing the spectacle.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley and Kayla Braxton engage with the superstars, bringing viewers closer to the action and the personalities of the wrestlers.

WWE Announcers: NXT’s Narrative Voices

NXT, the brand known for showcasing up-and-coming talent, has a commentary team led by Vic Joseph and Booker T.

Joseph’s enthusiastic play-by-play commentary pairs well with Booker T’s experience as a former wrestler, offering a blend of excitement and expertise.

Alicia Taylor takes on the role of the ring announcer, her voice setting the tone for the matches.

Kelly Kincaid is responsible for the backstage interviews, a role crucial for developing the NXT superstars’ characters and storylines.

NXT Level-Up and Main Event Teams

NXT Level Up, a platform for rising stars, features Blake Howard and Byron Saxton on commentary. Their task is to highlight the abilities of the new talent and to narrate their journey in the WWE universe.

Sarah Schreiber, as the backstage interviewer, plays a key role in introducing these new faces to the WWE audience.

The Main Event, a show that often features wrestlers from both RAW and SmackDown, has a commentary team comprising Byron Saxton and Wade Barrett.

Their combined experience provides a cohesive narrative, bridging the gap between the main shows and the Main Event.

WWE Announcers FAQ

  • Who are the current RAW commentators?
    • Michael Cole and Wade Barrett.
  • Who performs ring announcing for SmackDown?
    • Mike Rome.
  • What role does Booker T play in NXT?
    • He is part of the commentary team alongside Vic Joseph.
  • Are the same commentators used for NXT Level Up and Main Event?
    • NXT Level Up features Blake Howard and Byron Saxton, while Main Event has Byron Saxton and Wade Barrett.
  • Who are the backstage interviewers for RAW?
    • Byron Saxton and Jackie Redmond.

In conclusion, the WWE commentary and broadcast teams are a crucial element in the storytelling and presentation of professional wrestling. Each team, tailored to their respective show, brings a unique flavor to the WWE viewing experience, enhancing the drama and excitement of the matches. The blend of experienced commentators and fresh voices ensures that WWE programming remains engaging and dynamic for its global audience.

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