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Where can I watch WWE documentaries in the UK? Everything you need to know

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For fans of wrestling and documentary-style programming in the UK, the A&E WWE Biography series offers a deep dive into the lives and careers of some of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling history.

This article outlines where you can catch these fascinating documentaries in the UK, ensuring you don’t miss out on the action.

WWE Documentaries UK: On the A&E Network

The first port of call for WWE enthusiasts should be the A&E Network itself.

Known for a wide array of programming, including documentaries, A&E is the home of the WWE Biography series. Viewers can check with their local cable or satellite providers to see if A&E is part of their package.

WWE Documentaries UK: Streaming Services Galore

For those who lean towards streaming, the UK offers several platforms where the A&E WWE Biography series might be available:

  • Amazon Prime Video: With a vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries, Amazon Prime Video is a go-to for many. Subscribers can check the platform for the availability of WWE Biographies.
  • Netflix: Always a popular choice, Netflix may feature the WWE Biography series in its documentary section. Keep an eye out for updates.
  • Now TV: This subscription-based service provides access to a variety of channels, including A&E. It’s worth checking Now TV’s listings for the WWE Biography series.
  • WWE Network: The WWE Network is available for £9.99 per month and offers a wide array of first-party WWE documentaries.

Social Media and Online Platforms

Beyond traditional channels and streaming services, social media and online video platforms can be valuable resources for finding clips or full episodes:

  • YouTube: A treasure trove of content, YouTube might host clips or even full episodes of WWE Biographies.
  • Facebook: Join wrestling fan groups and pages where members might share links or information about viewing WWE Biographies in the UK.
  • Twitter: Following official WWE and A&E Network accounts could be beneficial as they may post viewing information.

Contact Your Service Provider

If you’re still struggling to find where to watch WWE Biographies, reaching out directly to your cable, satellite, or streaming service provider is a good step.

They can offer the most current information on the availability of the series in your area.

Whether you prefer traditional TV viewing or streaming online, there are multiple avenues to explore WWE Biographies in the UK.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the compelling stories of wrestling’s biggest stars.


  • Can I watch WWE Biographies on Amazon Prime Video in the UK?
    • Check Amazon Prime Video’s library as it may include WWE Biographies.
  • Is the WWE Biography series available on Netflix?
    • Netflix may offer the series; keep an eye on their documentary section for updates.
  • Can I find WWE Biographies on Now TV?
    • Yes, Now TV might list WWE Biographies as part of its streaming content.
  • Where else can I look for WWE Biographies?
    • YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are good places to search for clips or full episodes.
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