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What channel is WWE on UK Freeview?

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In the dynamic world of free-to-air television, wrestling fans across the UK have a reason to stay glued to their screens.

The high-energy spectacle of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has found its home on Freeview, offering a mix of drama, athleticism, and entertainment.

For those wondering where to catch the latest WWE action, the answer is Channel 33, known as 5ACTION.

A Home for WWE on Freeview

5ACTION, part of the Channel 5 portfolio, stands out as the go-to channel for fans of high-octane entertainment.

As described by the channel itself: It’s where big characters and big stories come to life, providing viewers with a seamless blend of old favourites and modern classics.

WWE, with its unique blend of sports and entertainment, fits perfectly into 5ACTION’s programming ethos, offering something for every wrestling enthusiast.

The Offering of 5ACTION

Beyond the thrilling world of WWE, 5ACTION offers a diverse range of programming designed to captivate and entertain.

From the adrenaline-pumping pursuits in “Police Interceptors” to the gritty realities of “Traffic Cops,” the channel ensures there’s never a dull moment.

Other key titles include “Fights Camera Action,” “Trucking Hell,” “Caught on Camera,” and “Sewermen,” each bringing its own flavour of drama and factual entertainment to the mix.

Expanding the Channel 5 Portfolio

5ACTION is part of a broader family of channels under the Channel 5 umbrella, each serving different interests and demographics.

This includes the flagship Channel 5, Channel 5 HD for high-definition viewing, Channel 5+1 offering an hour delay for convenience, My5 for catch-up services, 5SELECT for premium content, 5STAR for reality and youth-oriented programming, and 5USA for American drama and movies. T

his diverse portfolio ensures that Freeview viewers have access to a wide range of quality content across various genres.


  • What channel number is WWE on Freeview?
    • WWE is available on Channel 33, known as 5ACTION.
  • Is WWE the only entertainment offered on 5ACTION?
    • No, 5ACTION hosts a variety of shows including “Police Interceptors,” “Traffic Cops,” “Fights Camera Action,” “Trucking Hell,” “Caught on Camera,” and “Sewermen.”
  • Can I watch WWE in HD on Freeview?
    • Yes, for HD viewing, you can watch Channel 5 HD, part of the same family as 5ACTION, although specific availability may depend on your Freeview setup and coverage.
  • Is there a way to catch up on WWE episodes I miss on Freeview?
    • Yes, My5, the catch-up service for Channel 5 and its sister channels, including 5ACTION, allows viewers to catch up on missed episodes.
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