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WWE Legend confirms backstage altercation with The Rock

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The Rock is one of the top stars of the Attitude Era. He has been a huge star of the company but it turns out he was involved in a backstage tiff. Many notable names such as Bruce Prichard, D’Lo Brown have revealed a backstage altercation between The Rock and WWE legend Ahmed Johnson.

Ahmed Johnson confirms the incident

In a recent interview with Gregory Iron of Iron-On Wrestling, Johnson confirmed that the altercation occurred in late 1997, at the peak of his on-screen feud with The Rock & Nation of Domination.

‘Yeah, we had an altercation,’ Johnson recalled. ‘He was basically running his mouth when he shouldn’t have been running it.’

In an earlier shoot interview with High Spots, Johnson had detailed the brawl which occurred back in the day:

‘He was saying some stuff and it wasn’t about me, but he was saying things that I don’t think he should have been saying about anybody,’ Johnson said. ‘’¦ I didn’t like the fact that he was getting a little cocky. We had a match coming up, matter of fact, that same night. We were calling the match and I was willing to do his high spots but he wasn’t willing to do all mine ’¦ Then I got to the point where I said, ’˜Well, look, when we get in the ring, we can just get it on in the ring, we can settle it in the ring.’ And then we got into a little altercation there.’

When asked how long the fight lasted, Johnson said, ‘Yeah, a few blows were thrown.’

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Bishal Roy