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WWE Legend opines if Randy Orton is done with singles’ Championships

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WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) recently spoke about Randy Orton and his future in WWE. He spoke about whether his tag team with Riddle is benefitting him. JBL said that ‘The Viper’ will eventually move to singles competition and pursue the top prize in the company.

JBL says Randy Orton will eventually enter World Championship picture

Orton worked as a singles competitor for many years before forming the RK-Bro tag team with The Original Bro in April last. The real-life friends have gone on to become two-time RAW Tag Team Champions and one of the most popular acts in WWE.

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, he explained how Randy Orton working with Riddle is not a demotion from the World Championship picture:

‘Randy’s been a top guy for so long that you show a completely different side to Randy, kind of like Daniel Bryan did with Kane, and you extend a career that way too.’ JBL continued, ‘Randy will go back to being a singles wrestler eventually and go back in the main event and fight for titles and stuff like that, and this will just have prolonged his career.’

JBL likes Riddle’s work and thinks the RAW star possesses the same qualities as one of WWE’s all-time greats, Roddy Piper:

‘I’m kind of enamored with Riddle. It’s a character like Piper to me. There’s something about him that’s a star. Piper, you couldn’t really figure it out. You just knew that that was Roddy Piper’¦ Piper wasn’t one of those guys that you can kind of put a finger on and go, ’˜This is why he’s a star.’ Riddle’s kind of like that to me.’

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